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The mysterious backstory of the van full of ‘Speed’ VHS tapes

Brooklyn is home to some strange sights rainbow bagels, unicorn lattes and now there’s a brand-new bizarre give: a minivan chock full VHS tapes of the 1994 movie Speed .

Why? How?

For those who were living under a stone in 1994, Speed is an action movie starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock. In the movie, a terrorist sets a bomb on a Los Angeles bus and threatens to explode it if any passengers are let off. To avoid the bomb from explosion, the bus must clock 50 miles per hour at all times.

The Speed devotees that invaded Brooklyn are a band called Idaho Green. According to DNAinfo, the band collected copies of the movie to send them to a humankind who vowed to accumulate all the VHS two copies of Speed in existence. His identify is Ryan Beitz and his venture is called the World Speed Project.

Why does he want to collect every VHS copy of Speed? According to his Facebook page, it was an impulse that needs no farther exam. “To eternally spend their own lives inspecting our own unconscious compulsion is to leave yourself without an existential anchor from which to operate in the world.”


Years ago, Idaho Green met Beitz in person and listened to his story. From the working day on, the band has been trying to help his cause. According to DNAinfo, they currently have around 50 two copies of the movie.

Now that’s dedication.

[ h/ t DNAinfo]

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