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Spotify adds an astonishing 10 million subscribers in only a few months

Image: Jeff Blackler/ REX/ Shutterstock The dominance of Spotify in the streaming music room continues to rise, as the company revealed new customer amounts on Monday: 60 million. That figure is up 10 million from March, the last time Spotify liberated subscriber numbers. SEE ALSO: Kanye is reportedly cutting ties with Tidal once and for […]

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You can keep your Spotify subscription. I want my own music.

It’s MINE . Image: Vicky Leta/ mashable Sorry, Spotify I have no interest in your stream. When it comes to the music I enjoy, I’m possessive to a fault. I want to own it all. Case in time: on April 14, Kendrick Lamar released “DAMN.”, his latest opus. I immediately bought the album on iTunes, […]

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Vinyl is never going away, and that’s good news for superfans

The age-old hour favorites are back . Image: matt cardy/ Getty Images Vinyl records are truly a concept of beautiful. They were the first thing to make personal music libraries to the masses, and that’s something we’ll never forget. While cassette videotapes, CDs, and streaming services have all superseded the format, there’s just something about […]

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