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A bouquet of chicken nuggets is what true love is all about

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You wish you could have someone who’d gift you chicken nuggets .

Ever get a bouquet of buds from someone and think, gee, I please it was chicken nuggets instead? Of course you do.

Like 19 -year-old Annika Aguinaldo from Manila in the Philippines, who was surprised with a corsage of chicken nuggets from her boyfriend, Rico Villanueva, after she said she didn’t like flowers.

Naturally, pictures of the sweet instant ran viral on Twitter, because everyone wishes they had person in their life who would endow them with chicken nuggets.

“I used to gag around that if ever he were to give me a bouquet, I’d like one of chicken nuggets or chicken wings so I could eat it. Much to my astound, he took it earnestly, ” Aguinaldo said.

“We were going to hang out with your best friend who wanted to practice her photography on the americans and he astonished me ahead, which is how we got the great time photographed.”

It turns out the pair have just been been officially dating for 2 month. Period to get back on Tinder, we guess.

As for Aguinaldo, she’s scandalized that the pictures get so large-hearted. “When I posted the tweet, I genuinely didn’t think it would catch the attention of many. What Rico did to me was something so ‘him’ that it didn’t seem out of the ordinary, ” she said.

“But I’m happy that other people see something that I’ve known for a long time: That I’m one lucky daughter to have a guy like him as my best friend and boyfriend.”

Excuse us while we bawl into our sweet and sour dipping sauce.

[ h/ t Buzzfeed ]

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