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Coachella 2019: Will & Jaden Smith Perform Together, Idris Elba In The DJ Booth Again, And More! – Perez Hilton

It’s weekend two out at Coachella in the desert east of Los Angeles — and it’s affording us a extremely’ Weekend One, Part Two’ vibe!

From Will Smith stepping on stage to help out Jaden Smith ‘ s second Coachella set, to Idris Elba lowering the acting vocation( only momentarily !) to pick up a new path in the DJ booth, and even looking ahead to Kanye West ‘ s Sunday morning service that’s about to go down, there’s a Plenty providing information about this round down in Indio!

Below, ch-ch-check out a few of the major highlightings from weekend two out at Coachella! Enjoy !!!

Will Smith& Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith did a weekend two concert at Coachella that was much like his first weekend determined — complete with pretty much all the same stops in a carbon copy way.

But there was one notable change: The Fresh Prince!

Will Smith evidenced up to help Jaden perform Icon to a VERY happy crowd that was clearly stimulated to see two Smith generations throw down in the desert.

Ch-ch-check out some of the highlights( below )!!!

Amazing !!

One problem … no old-time songs !!! The duo performed some of Jaden’s material, but opted not to perform any of Will Smith’s old slams — you know, from his own rap career or his duo working in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff .

Oh well !!! An possibility lost … but still a solid situated !!!

DJ Idris Elba

Will and Jaden weren’t the only ones who gave us a good throwback appear this weekend — Idris Elba stepped down from his role on camera on the silver screen at least momentarily to give the world a few seconds Coachella DJ set — and we’re loving it !!

Just like the first one, the crowd crammed into the Yuma tent on Saturday night to see Idris settle into his new role as a DJ — and he gazed even better on weekend two than he did last weekend in his Coachella debut !!

Ch-ch-check out the memorable times from all of Elba’s Indio work( below ):

Losing it is right !!

Elba am talking about the music — and it is about to change he’s a pretty damn good DJ !!!

Kanye’s Sunday Morning Service

Just in time for Sunday morning church services — on Easter morning , no less — Kanye West is ready to take his infamous Sunday service to the next degree out in the desert !!!

The livestream is up( you can watch it HERE ), and reporters have already been on the grounds all morning to see what’s going on with Yeezy’s big weekend!

Ch-ch-check out some of that( below ):

Nice !!!

There you have it, Perezcious readers! What do U think about this second weekend out in the desert ?!

Let us know your opinions and Sound off in the comments( below )!!!

[ Image via Coachella/ YouTube ]

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