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Tesla employees blindsided by Model 3 production break, but Tesla says it’s normal

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Proletarians at Tesla’s Fremont factory assemble autoes back in 2015. This week Model 3 production is on a “break.”
Image: David Butow/ Corbis via Getty Images

Tesla’s implemented a Model 3 make violate this week as the company struggles to meet demand, reportedly catching employees off guard.

All eyes are on Model 3 product as Tesla has been lagging behind its production goals for the sedan and CEO Elon Musk has stepped in to oversee the process — even sleeping at the factory to get more automobiles on the road.

For Tesla’s part, the company says the smash was projected and is necessary to increase production.

But BuzzFeed reported Monday that employees were blindsided by the multi-day shutdown. Employees told the outlet they would have to use vacation days, stay home without pay, or — if lucky — get paid to work somewhere else within Tesla.

In a statement Monday, a Tesla spokesperson replied like a “planned downtime” on the Model 3 make back in February, this week’s production interrupt is part of an overall project.

“These periods are used to improve automation and systematically address constrictions in order to increase product rates. This is not unusual and is effectively common in product ramps like this, ” a spokesperson articulated.

Tesla’s Fremont factory and Gigafactory 1 shutdowns were addressed in a first quarter production report earlier this month and was regarded as helping increase production. “We were able to doubled the weekly Model 3 make rate during the one-quarter by rapidly addressing production and supplying chain bottlenecks, including several short factory shutdowns to upgrade equipment.”

In the first one-quarter, Tesla developed 9, 766 Model 3s, four times as many as the prior one-quarter. According to Tesla’s quarterly reports, about 12,500 Model 3s have been produced; over 500, 000 have been ordered .

A pro-Union Facebook page for Tesla employees includes a post from Friday about increased work hours for those on Model S and X production line. We’ve reached out to the neighbourhood Fremont United Auto Workers union( the union has an ongoing beef with Tesla) to substantiate BuzzFeed’s report and are awaiting a answer.

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