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Additive as the drug itself are the club banging’ mixes of DJ Opium. WIth his smooth technique and natural ability, DJ Opium creates a unique blend of music that trances any crowd. he has been known to play a few dance, house and retro tracks but his true passion lies in Urban Hip Hop and R&B. This DJ was born for this career, though he only started DJing in the late 90’s. DJ Opium is one of the rare DJs that can live up to the claim of having the ability to make any bland track sound kicking’. DJ Opium has been dropping’ tracks all over the Melbourne club scene, including spots such as Next Blue, Sub Louge, Jive Bar, Whisky Bar, Apartment, Se7en, Motel, Evolution, Hyde Bar, Baraki and guest DJing all over the country.

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