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Why you don’t see snake emoji on Taylor Swift’s Instagram

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Lose celebrities on Instagram and risk the entire platform collapsing. That’s something Kevin Systrom, CEO and cofounder of Instagram, realized last yearit stimulated him to transform his app into a more “safe and inclusive” community, according to a brand-new profile in Wired .

Instagram’s first test case: Taylor Swift and her snakes.

The pop singer, an active Instagram user who would often post photographs of herself and her squad, was being harassed on the platform.

In the summer of 2016, after her public fallouts with Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian, the comments below her posts “were followed almost entirely by snake emoji: snakes piled on serpents, snakes organized numerically, snakes alternating with pigs, ” the Wired fragment reads.

Instagram took action. Now, you’ll most likely just see kudo on kudo on praise.

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The platform had “quietly constructed a filter that they are able to automatically delete specific words and emoji from users feeds.” For Swift, that intended no more snake emoji.

Instagram has continued to work to make Instagram a clean place. Last year, consumers were gifted the ability to disable all commentaries. In June, Instagram introduced brand-new filters that will automatically block “certain offensive comments” and spam.

And we come back to Swift. Instagram has been civilizing its technologya system called DeepTextwith, of all things, Kanye West’s rap lyrics.

“It likewise had hassle recognizing Kanye West lyrics, ” the Wired piece speaks, referencing West’s song Famous and the lyric: “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex.”

“It was exclusively at ease, however, with more creative Kanye insults like You left your fridge open/ somebody only took a sandwich, ” the fragment continued.

But at least the snake filter is perfect.

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