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Endometriosis: My life full of pain – BBC News

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Image copyright Amelia Davies
Image caption Amelia said that he hoped talking about her precondition will assist others

Endometriosis isn’t just painful dates, it’s a chronic precondition in a tournament of its own.

One in ten females has it yet, in the UK, it takes on average seven years to get it correctly diagnosed by a medical doctor – something experts want to change.

With endometriosis, tissue that behaves like womb lining is found in other chips of the body, making nasty symptoms.

Amelia Davies was 12 when she got her first date. She soon came to dreaded her “agonising Auntie Red”.

“At periods it was so bad I couldn’t go to school. I missed onus of days. The agony was really intense, with lots of different types – stabbing, cramping and burning. I was so bad I couldn’t walk or get out of bed.”