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Damon Albarn told a Gorillaz fan that the new album is finished

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Image: gorillaz

Now < em> this is how you fan.

When music blogger Jack Winstanley ran into Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn, he didn’t exactly geek out on his own behalf. He been reported and made some news.

Albarn supported, per Winstanley’s tweets, that the fifth Gorillaz album is officially done and that the band is currently in rehearsals for an upcoming tour. A single for the as-yet-untitled recording already dropped on Jan. 19, delivering a charged political word on the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Albarn also confirmed that he got himself a brand-new hat for the tour. Likely the same beret he’s wearing in his photo with Winstanley, below.

Note that there hasn’t been an official announcement about the brand-new album’s release date, but it’s about duration we got some new music. The untitled fifth Gorillaz album will be the band’s first major liberation since 2010.

That year, fans were treated to a double-helping: Plastic Beach , which was improved applying sections from an unfinished 2008 book, and The Fall , which was released for free on the band’s website.

Gorillaz was created in 1998 by Albarn and Tank Girl developer Jamie Hewlett. The singular “virtual band” is filled out not by humans, but by cartoon characters: 2D( lead singer/ keyboards ), Murdoc Niccals( bass ), Noodle( guitar/ keyboards ), and Russel Hobbs( containers ).

The four animation musicians stay in a fictional world that’s been detailed over the years in music videos, cartoon shorts, and the band’s website. Though Albarn who is also a founding member of the British stone strip Blur is the Gorillaz’s simply permanent musician.

The recently released music video for “Hallelujah Money” which we can only premise is a track off the upcoming album boasted the vocal stylings of Benjamin Clementine, a popular British poet and musician.

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