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Coldplay Pays Tribute To Hurricane Harvey Victims With New Song Houston But Vows To Never Play It Again!

Doing what they can.

Amid the chaos in Texas following Hurricane Harvey’s initial touch down, Coldplay penned a new anthem for those affected by the storm. The rock-and-roll stripe premiered the racetrack, titled Houston, during the course of its recent demonstrate at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

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However, don’t expect the hymn to be added permanently to their determined index, as Chris Martin told the crowd 😛 TAGEND

“This is because we all grew up desiring country music, and of course that’s various kinds of which is something we think of when we go to Texas … This is a new song and we’ll never play-act this again. It’s a one-off and it’s called Houston.”

Be sure to take a listen to Houston for yourself( above ). Notification: the ballad causes one to have looks.

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