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18 things you didn’t know about the Fine Brothers, YouTube’s ‘React’ video pioneers

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Content developers upload videos to YouTube at such an surprising rate, it can be easy to forget where some of the most popular hypothesis originated. But if you’ve ever watched a popular reaction video on the streaming locate, you are able to rest assured knowing the architect likely took cues from the Fine Friend, who pioneered the art sort as we know it with their signature Reactvideo series. With this popular and often-imitated template, the hopeful filmmakers from Brooklyn, New York, amassed millions of readers and billions of views, overcoming several major snagsto builda YouTube empire.

The Fine Bros’path to stardom wasn’t always easy-going or clear. Here are some other facts you may not know about the YouTube personalities.

18 fascinating realities about the Fine Bros

1) Yes, theyre actually brothers

Benny and Rafi Fine were born and grown up in an Orthodox-Jewish family in Brooklyn in the 1980 s.

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Screengrab via SoulPancake/ YouTube

2) Theyve been stimulating videos for most of their lives

The brothers got their first video camera when they were adolescents, using it to shoot comedy sketches and full-length cinemas. One of their live-action features made the rounds on the slapstick movie festival circuit in 2000, and the Fines planned to continue making one feature a year until one of them smashed into Hollywood.


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